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  • Architecture and Historic homes, Ancient Spanish Monastery – This is a must see. While it is not a home, it is a truly amazing building dating back to when it was first built in Spain in 1133 AD (yes, that’s correct). In 1924 the Multi-Millionaire, William Randolph Hearst bought it and then had it dismantled and packed into 11,000 wooden crates and transported to New York, where it remained in the crates until 1952, before being sold and shipped to here in Miami and rebuilt. It is located at 16711 West Dixie H’way, North Miami Beach – See Tel: 305 945 1461. The beautiful gardens, walkways, stone arches, columns, sculptures, friezes and decor are really incredible. to see.
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens – this is also a must see Mansion to see if you can. The gardens, house décor, collections inside are amazing. The house is set on 10 acres of grounds on the water’s edge located at 3251 South Miami Avenue (See Tel: 305 250 9133). This was the home of James Deering who established the McCormick Hastings Deering farm machinery company. The collection of furniture and antiques, ceramics, lights and house itself are all incredible.
  • Deering Estate – also owned once by James Deering and here you can see the Stone House, Richmond Cottage and 444 acres of grounds on Biscayne Bay. It is located at 16701 S. W 72nd Avenue in Miami (Tel: 305 235 1668). Here you can picnic, rent a canoe, see butterflies and other wildlife as well as the houses.
  • Barnacle Historic State Park – The House here was built in 1891 in Coconut Grove by the pioneer developer of the Coconut Grove Estate, Ralph Munroe. It is set on 5 acres of grounds and is located at 3485 Main Highway Miami.
  • Coral Gables Merrick House – was built by George E. Merrick, who founded the City of Coral Gables setting out the plan for the streets and big homes that are here. The house is located at 907 Coral Way (Tel: 305 460 5361).
  • Venetian Pool – also in Coral Gables at 2701 De Soto Boulevard. This pool Complex has pools, waterfalls, caves and stone bridges and was first built in 1924. In 2015 during the winter it was restored. Tel: 305 460 5306.
  • Old Dixie Highway Antiques – at Cauley Square Historic Village – is located about 30 miles south of Miami at 22400 Old Dixie Highway. There are boutiques, cafes, and antique stores all in a nice Historic Village.
  • Coral Castle Museum in Homestead – A Latvian immigrant, Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951) spent his time carving limestone to build his castle. It took him from 1923 until his death in 1951 to build it. See it at 28655 South Dixie H’wy Homestead. (See Tel: 305 248 6345). Homestead is a few miles south of Cauley Square.
  • Bill Baggs Lighthouse – if you like Lighthouses and the scenery around them, head to the Bill Baggs Lighthouse, first built in 1825. See Tel: 305 361 5811. Located at 1200 Crandon Boulevard Key Biscayne (Island). There are great beaches here too in Cape Florida State Recreation Area.
  • Fairchild Garden – this is a great garden environment, with fruits, flowers, butterflies, Palms, rainforest, succulents, water lilies and much more. See Tel: 305 667 1651 Located at 10901 Old Cutler Rd, Miami.
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