East Coast of Malaysia

From KL, (KLCC Airport) it is possible to either drive over the mountains to the east coast, or fly to Kuala Terengganu Airport on the east coast – roughly a 45 minute flight. This part of the East Coast is almost the heartland of rural Malay culture, and just to its north is the Thai border.

The East Coast is subject to Monsoon wind and rains, so between November and March each year many resorts close down as the South China Sea can get very rough and dangerous, and with much of the coastline being a lowland area, it is also subject to flooding. Kuantan, for example is just 22 metres above sea level.

From Terengganu heading north and south along the coastline the roads are very good, and along the road you will see Malay style wooden homes, the coconut trees, chickens running around, small roadside fruit shops and restaurants, as well as quite a lot of new development too – with signposts leading off to Resort Hotels that are mostly right on the coastline. They vary in size and sophistication from very local small ones to more opulent ones.

It is best to look on our Hotels section on this website for Hotels – and search for ones in Kuantan (the State Capitol), Cherating and Terengganu to see all the hotel options.

At Cherating Beach, for example there is a Club Med and this has a mix of great food to eat, open bar, swimming pools, night-time shows, kid's club and water sports, archery, trapeze and other activities. If you like to meet people and just relax and have everything organised for you, this is a good place to come, with great Staff GO's (General Organisers) who come from a number of different countries.

Outside of the resorts and hotels – you will find local restaurants, wet markets and places to shop in Kuantan, Terengganu and Cherating and you might do a tour of local villages (Kampungs), or in Kuantan take a River Cruise, but by and large you will most likely stay in your hotel and just enjoy the facilities, pool and beach. You might also go and see Lake Tasik Kenyir in the Tasik Kenyir National Park, or see Turtles coming to nest on a beach – depending on the time of year and where you are staying.

Happy Travelling!

Geoff Stuart

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