To start your journey to NSW

Hotels, backpackers, transport, banks, cruises.

Tips and Taxes Generally tips are not expected in Australia, but it entirely up to you, and if you enjoy a great meal or service, then by…

Broken Hill and
the outback

Can you imagine seeing a Lake that has hasn’t seen water for over 15,000 years? (Lake Mungo), or visiting a town where the world’s biggest mining company…

Driving north to

There are two main highways heading northwards to Queensland and Brisbane from Sydney – The Pacific Highway – which heads along the coast from...

Beers & Wines

The whole point of travel is to see and experience a different culture, and a large part of that is finding new foods to eat and…

Sydney Architectural

When the Englishman, Captain James Cook discovered Australia in 1770 and sailed up the coast of Australia, he sailed into Botany Bay (near today’s…

KIDS where to take them, close to the City

Finding good places to take kids in Sydney, where you can enjoy the experience and they do too, really depends on their age…

Welcome to Sydney

Here we are focused on highlighting what’s on where and when in Sydney – the places of interest , beaches, gardens, parks, art galleries…

Planing a trip to Sydney

There are lots of things to think about when you are planning a trip to Sydney. These are some considerations to think about. Time – if you…

What are the best things to see and do in Sydney?

Sydney is arguably one of the best looking cities in the world, built around Sydney Harbour with a number of Harbour Beaches and also...

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